The Next Generation Blockchain For ZeroCash

ZEROCASH / 26 Nov 2019 / Admin

As disclosed in our last post on September 23, 2019, the Steem hardfork 21, which unfortunately coincided with the completion of our first successful crowdfunding campaign and Beta launch of our ZeroCash influence-based crowdfunding platform on Steem blockchain, disrupted the normal functioning of ZeroCash platform compelling us to pause the campaign until our development team worked out a solution.

After two months of intense efforts it turns out that Steem H21 has worsened the inflationary tokenomics of Steem blockchain so much that its monetizability is gone down drastically. That’s also evident by the continuous decline of its value since H21.

As reasons therefore we conclude that we have to develop our own blockchain to optimize influence monetizability. Our next generation of blockchain (BC5) has been on drawing board for sometime, and now moving into coding stage. Here are the ten essential elements of BC5:

1. Sustainable: Zero carbon, Privacy, Security, Low Cost
2. Non-circumventable fool proof decentralization (bicameral consensus)
3. Sharonomics: Designed to optimize and exploit sharing economy
4. Regulatable: KYC / AML modules are built-in
5. Easy monetization of illiquid assets and its influence
6. Asset-generated cryptocurrency (Ideal Money)
7. Regulate AI, and get regulated by AI
8. Handle big data 9. Ultra-low latency that adapts to real time 5G speeds
10. IoX & Autonomous mobility

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