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Three Easy Steps To ZeroCash Startup Funding

Monetizing influence is not a new thing. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and all the rest do it. But they do it without sharing the profits with you - the content creators. Incentivised sharing of influence, and spreading it’s monitory gains amongst the peers, is brand new. We are using Blockchain to fund startups with ZeroCash.

01 Tech Startups

Startup blogs the technology pitch. The best pitches earn upvote rewards that are quantifiable in fiat currency. Startup grants investors stake in their venture in the form of equity or tokens against the fiat equivalent of the upvote rewards.

02 Tech Curators

Tech Curators curate the best startups and vote their blog posts with influence delegated by the investors. The value of their votes is directly proportional to the influence delegated, and may approximatley vary in the range 30±10% of the funds staked.

03 Tech Investors

Investors delegate their influence to the Tech Curators while retaining full control of their funds in their secure wallets. The amount of influence is directly proportional to funds held in their wallet fetching an ROI.

ZeroCash Definition

Decentralized, incentivized and equitable sharing and monetization of influence of the peers, by the peers for the peers, for the purpose of raising funds for novel projects without anyone actually having to pay for it in monetary terms.

The ZeroCash Difference

Unlike other traditional crowdfunding methods where a single pitch is posted, ZeroCash method requires posting a series of pitches related to the project over time. The influencers and curators pledge reward funds that blockchain generates to the project. The length of campaign depends on the quantum of funds sought and the quantum of influence the funder / influencer stakes on the platform. The funds generated are directly proportional to the tokenized influence of the influencer.

Still Think Impossible?

Prosperist became the first project funded by ZeroCash method. It was the first proof-of-concept that took over a year and involved 162 peers/influencers and about a 100 pitching posts. The total influence of the influencers involved in the project was only a few thousand dollars. With more influence the projects can fund faster.


Join our small growing community as an influencer or a curator. Influencers earn 20-40% ROI just by keeping their tokenized influence in their private wallets and supporting projects. Curators earn by curating the pitches and via delegated influence from influencers.

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